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 The first Video Game ever! - (you may be surprised)

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PostSubject: The first Video Game ever! - (you may be surprised)   Mon 16 Jun 2008, 7:55 pm

The first ever video game was first created in 1962.
Now if I were to ask you what the first video game ever was what would you say?
Sorry but your wrong it is actually a game called Spacewar for the DEC PDP-1.
So let me set the scene for you:
The year is 1961 & the place is American University MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Computers at this time were larger than limousines, behemoths operated by paper punch-cards, but a new arrival at MIT was creating a stir. The Institute's latest acquisition, a DEC PDP-1, though stillntitanic by modern standards & priced then at $120,000, was relatively compact & had one particularly impressive feature - a small black & white monitor screen.
Attending that academic year at MIT was a small, tightly knit club of students who spent most of their free time hanging around computers. They spoke to each other using made-up jargon, as teenagers often do, inventing one word in particular, `hack`, meaning "an impressive feat", that would go on to permeate popular culture. One among them, Steve Russell, a smart student with a love of science-fiction stories, set about to perform the greatest hack yet attempted, on the Institute's brand new PDP-1.
6 months of tinkering passed, during which Russell succeeded in creating a 2-player duelling game played out graphically on the black & white monitor. Russell named his creation Spacewar. It featured 2 opposing spaceships, which looked different & were nicknamed the needle & wedge. Both ships fired torpedoes & were controlled with left, right turns & a thrust (in fact, much the same control system as Asteriods would later use.

More coming later

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PostSubject: what   Sun 13 Jul 2008, 3:56 pm

lol! what i am affraid seprised affraid i thoght it was game and watch cos thats old and was king king king of all games when it came out lol!
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The first Video Game ever! - (you may be surprised)
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