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 The Diablo series

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PostSubject: The Diablo series   Sun 15 Feb 2009, 12:28 am

Diablo. Called a RPG, but anyone who has played it will have to agree that it is in fact a Hack and Slash with a faint resemblance to RPG's.

So onward...

The game that stared the series. It was hard at first, when you got to the first mini boss (The Butcher) or reached a level with a hoard of skeleton archers. Especially with the Mage class, unless you were super lucky on finding those darn spellbooks.... But it was still great.
The warrior was the firs choice. He was with good armor, good strength, but lacked the ability to use high level spells. But he had the repair skill which lowered the general durability of items, but made them powerful again... He was great.
Next, the Rouge. My personal favorite. And the only thing where this was better than Diablo 2. There was no need to buy arrows or bolts. Heck... The first time I defeated Diablo himself was with a 1-4 damage dealing crossbow. No kidding. Ranged attacks and good spells make the Rouge a great character in this game.
The Mage. Oh boy... Unless you know your way around, this is the hardest, yes potentially most powerful character available. He can learn every to it's maximum making him a death machine. But in the beginning stages... he is freakin weak... You have to make a new game (no items or gold lost on character, mind you...) to get him into the spirit. Of course there are people that can tell you that there are ways to get the Mage powerful without starting a new game, but those are fanatics...
The gameplay? Well, pretty much everything you do you need to kill stuff. Or bring a item to one of the villagers. Level up, add stat points, learn new spells.... That's about it.

Next part coming soon... On Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction
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Spyke Solaris

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PostSubject: Re: The Diablo series   Mon 16 Feb 2009, 3:37 pm

Nice to see you got straight into it and started writing up a PC review. Personally I haven't played or so much as seen the Diablo series, but by the sounds of it from this review of the first in the series, seems good.
Can't wait to hear what you have to say about the next in the series.

Enigma's lead artist! =] It's fun having a cool role xD
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The Diablo series
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