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 Diablo II - The socond pat.

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PostSubject: Diablo II - The socond pat.   Sat 28 Mar 2009, 12:13 am

Diablo II

The game itself? Well, from a RPG fan, this is not even close to an RPG. It's pure hack and slash. How to finish a quest? Kill something. Yeah. Just kill a bunch of stuff and you may advance. So lets start with the first Diablo II.

What to say... It is as as addicting as hell. If you have played it, well, you should know that the first place where you would start considering stopping is Act 3. Because that is one of the longest AND hardest places in all of the Diablo series till today. But the gameplay is really easy. Choose the most damaging effects. Get the best skills. At that's it. Read some guides online and you'll be all powerful.

Well, least to say, they were appropriate at the time. The animation was great. The framerate was great. What more to add? Unless you have a really antique PC, don't try it...

This will be continued
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Diablo II - The socond pat.
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